"Sydney Microgreens have excellent produce and exceptionally friendly service - fresh + fabulous, locally grown, delicious, nutritious and delivered. Our family orders microgreens almost weekly, very highly recommended. Thank you for keeping us green!

- Charmaine S.


"Outstanding business, we have as a family weekly deliveries and are delighted with quality and service. Highly recommended!"

- Guy R. AO

"Les & Sydney Microgreens are efficient, easy to deal with and great at communicating! The quality of product & all round service is phenomenal! A+++ without a doubt and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in the market for superior microherbs"

- Matt A. Plate Events & Catering

"Nothing else than eat fresh , and that is what my experience eating those amazing greens was; the crunch , the texture , the flavours! 10/10"

- Falcon M.

"Working with Les and Sydney Micro Greens has been an easy and professional experience but more importantly has left our cafe with fresh and high quality produce allowing us to finish our meals with finesse and leave your customers super satisfied. I can not recommend these guys enough!"

- Jesse M. Bud Cafe Taren Point