“Frequently Asked Questions”

How do I care for my Microgreens?

The pots come with water in the container, ensure this is topped up. Cut & packaged varieties refrigerate asap.

How do I use my Microgreens?

You can sprinkle some Microgreens on a garnish ​in almost any dish. Salads, Sandwiches & wraps. Try them on top of pizzas, soups, curries, omelets, stir fries, pasta and other hot dishes. Anywhere you'd put lettuce or sprouts.

After I order, how long until I get them?

We try to deliver as soon as we can. We deliver on Tuesdays & Fridays. These dates can change, we will contact you regardless to discuss. Chat to us live if you have special requirements .

Any nasties?

None whatsoever! Organic soil, rainwater and all grown in a sustainable manner. Have total confidence and give that immune system the boost it needs with our delicious Microgreens!

Do you deliver outside of Sydney metro?

Unfortunately we don't, even some areas in Sydney we cannot reach. Regardless check with the team via our chat service for further details.

Is there a minimum order requirement?

Yes there is, a $30 order is required. Feel free to tailor your order with the team anytime, just reach out. 


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